Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hey, I thought you said you weren't going to start any more blogs!

Uh, yeah. Anyway, this is a blog of books I read and other media I watch or listen to. It will be mostly books because I am a big reader. I go through periods where I read 20 or 30 books a week.

I don't have cable or even a TV so I don't watch many TV shows unless I rent them on DVD.

I also don't really like going to movie theaters. I'll go to small theaters but the last time I went to a big commercial multiplex type theater I was just disgusted by the amount of advertising foisted on me without my consent. I'm not paying nine bucks to be a captive audience for ads.

But it's not like I'm only into good books, you know the important thoughtful ones that adults are supposed to read. No. Far from it. I will read all sorts of stuff, from children's books, mysteries, books from the early 1900s, old diet books, advice books, old romance novels, self published vanity press books, young adult novels and a lot of nonfiction, especially books about the paranormal like ghosts and cryptozoology.

I do sometimes read high quality books for adults. But honestly mostly I read for entertainment.

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