Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Giant Shrimp in the Laundry Room and other stories

The Giant Shrimp in the Laundry Room and Other First Person Accounts of the Paranormal

This is not a book, it's just a page of first person accounts sent into Strange Magazine. They are short tales of the unusual, not investigated or anything, just in their raw first person form.

I found them fascinating, and they really stimulated my imagination. I liked the emotional intensity of the giant shrimp story. Wow, creepy.

The Wreath and the Wraith was mysterious and scary. I would like to know much more about both of these accounts. They are both written by elderly women and happened a long time ago when the women were young. It seems like they were too freaked out to investigate further at the time and have not been able to get the experiences out of their heads. I know if either of these things had happened to me I would think of them often. Even if I just dreamed either of these they would haunt my life.

The other story that resonated with me was This One Will Grow on You, the story of a Mojave Desert mushroom that grows on people. I did used to live not far from where this story takes place and I 'm glad I never encountered that mushroom.

The rest of the stories are less remarkable, but still interesting - a man with Pterodactyl wings (sounds like Mothman), mysterious nocturnal bites, Bigfoot in the desert, ghostly wolves and the standard I moved into a house with a ghost story. The whole thing is a quick read.

I'm enjoying reading rest of, which I guess is the free part of Strange Magazine online.

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