Friday, May 23, 2008

How I Write

This is the method that seems to be helping me procrastinate less about writing blog posts. I write in bed in my notebook, by hand. I cross out stuff, write little notes in the margins, and sometimes draw things. Then later I sit down at a computer to transcribe what I wrote.

That is, I start to transcribe, and then I find that I actually don't even look at the notes once I get going, I just write it. It usually comes out better than the notes. The first draft is really a rehearsal.

I'm thinking of going to a cafe to write, or just to sit outside somewhere now that the weather is warm.

Writing does get easier when you do it more often and make it a habit, kind of like going to the gym is now a habit for me.

I also joined this group through another blog called
Fess Up Friday where you write about what you wrote that week. It's just kind of nice to know there are other writers out there struggling with the same things. So I will see how it goes.

My goal is to write in this blog and in my art blog every day this week.

I've wanted to start a book review blog for a long time. In fact I had written a bunch of book reviews because I didn't want to start out a blog with one measly review and keep adding to it. And you know what? I lost them in a computer incident. So every time I would start thinking about writing a book blog I would think about my lost work and feel mournful, and do something else. So now I have decided to just do it.

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