Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello Again, I'm Back and I Have Brought My Kindle

I've decided to revive my book blog, in a slightly different direction.

Now I have gotten very into reading books on my Kindle.  I don't even have a Kindle actually.  I have a Kindle Reader on my phone, which came pre-loaded on it.  I didn't intend on using it.  I mostly bought books used from used book stores or thrift stores.  I borrowed books from the library.  I also used a book swap service online.

I like to read science fiction and fantasy novels, which frequently come in series.  So I would buy or borrow the first book in a series, take it home and devour it, and then want to read more.  But I was at home, either not wanting to go out or the library and stores were shut.  Then I realized I had this little device that I carried around with me all the time, a magic book obtaining from home device.  Oh dear.  All the first books I bought on my Kindle were second and third books in sci-fi series!

I loved the fact that I could have books that I carried around with me all the time.  I'm a real estate agent, and that means a lot of waiting for people at properties.  Now I always had something to read.  I also liked the fact that I could read in bed without a light on.  I was hooked.

My little habit started adding up though and  I was spending a lot of money buying books.  Previously the majority of the books I bought were under three dollars.  Many of the books were a dollar.  Books from the library are free, unless you forget to return them.  Now I was buying new series books at 7.99.  I'm a very fast reader and the money was starting to add up - 79.00 for ten books!

I discovered that there were a lot of other Kindle books that were cheaper.  Much cheaper.  Some were even free - as cheap as a library book which would never have fines.  There was page after page of fantasy novels by unknown authors.  But isn't every author an unknown before you have heard of them?  So I jumped right in.  Most of the fiction books I buy are 2.99 or under.  

So I have decided to start writing about books again.  This blog will focus on books that are on the Kindle, but I will also write about other books and media.

Thanks for reading my blog, it is nice to be back.

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